Rainbow Centre's New Campus - Indication of interest to attend Information Session

The Ministry of Education announced on 24 May 2017 that additional places will be made available in three special education schools for students with autism. Rainbow Centre (RC) is pleased to support this expansion of opportunities with a third campus. RC’s third campus will be housed at the interim site of former Si Ling Secondary School at 11, Marsiling Lane 739148. This interim campus will begin to take in additional students by 2018, while the permanent campus is targeted to be ready in about 4 years’ time. Enrollment will be phased, with the interim campus taking in students with autism, aged 7-10 years.

An Information Session will be conducted in July where we will share more details on the third campus.


If you are interested to attend this information session, please click the following link to complete the form and we will be in touch with you to invite you for the session.


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