Vision, Mission and Core Values

Leading in Special Education, Making a Difference

Beyond Disabilities, Maximising Potential

We are committed to enhancing the quality of life of children with special needs through education and training to enable them to achieve their fullest potential by:

  • providing a holistic developmental educational programme for our children;
  • collaborating with parents, the public and private sectors;
  • committing to the professional development and personal fulfilment of our staff;
  • contributing to the training and development in the field of special education locally and regionally; and
  • engendering greater public awareness, understanding and acceptance of children with special needs.

Core Values
We serve with Dedication, Integrity and Compassion, and strive to achieve Excellence in our services for the betterment of our children. We believe in Teamwork and Respect to bring out the best in our team and those we serve.