Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are the locations of the Rainbow Centre School campuses?


The Rainbow Centre Schools operate from 3 campuses:


Margaret Drive School

RC Margaret Drive Campus

501 Margaret Drive

Singapore 149306


Yishun Park School

RC Yishun Park Campus

15 Yishun Street 61

Singapore 768548


Yishun Park School (Woodlands)*

11 Marsiling Lane

Singapore 739148


*YPS (Woodlands) will operate from this interim site from July 2018. The purpose-built campus at the permanent site (from mid 2021) will be in the Sembawang area.

How will my child be allocated among the 3 campuses?


Under the Rainbow Centre Schools Centralised Admission, each eligible applicant will be offered a place in one of the campuses based on:


  • Outcome of the admissions assessment
  • Applicant’s residential address and its relation to the catchment areas of the three campuses
  • Availability of places in each of the campuses


In addition, please note that the Margaret Drive and the Yishun Park campuses serve students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Multiple Disabilities (MD) from 7-18 years old.


YPS (Woodlands) serves only students with ASD. From 2019-2021, it will serve students from 7-14 years old. It will serve students up to 18 years old after it moves to its permanent site.



What are the criteria for admission?


RC admits students with moderate to severe disabilities, who require moderate to high learning support.

Admission to RC Schools require a formal diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or a diagnosis of Multiple Disabilities (MD), by a Psychologist, Psychiatrist or Medical Doctor, as appropriate.


A place is offered to applicants after an admissions assessment to determine if they will benefit from the RC Schools programmes, and who RC will be able to support in his or her learning.


Applicants with significant medical conditions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

What is the curriculum of the RC Schools?


The RC Schools’ Curriculum aims to nurture adult persons with disabilities who are able to live independently and interdependently, learn to grow continuously, and engaged in active participation in and contribution to the community. The curriculum moves students progressively through three programmes with differentiated and age-appropriate focuses:


Junior Programme (7-10 years old)

Foundational knowledge and skills for access to learning and basic self-care

Middle Programme (11-14 years old)

Self-Discovery, Social Interactions & Discovering the World as an Emerging Teen

Senior Programme (15-18 years old)

Transition to community and work as young adult


It facilitates this development through an outcomes-based functional curriculum, that balances a common core curriculum to develop critical skills, and a personalised curriculum, that adopts a person-centred approach, with the following key features:

  • Person-centred target outcomes at end of each programme
  • Multi-year programme Individualised Education Plan (P-IEP) leading to the target outcomes
  • Focus on learning functional skills in authentic settings for optimal generalisation to real life usage as adults
  • Quality pedagogy based on structured teaching, Community Based Instruction (CBI), Integrated Learning, and Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

What is the basic fee for the RC Schools?


The basic fee is $250 per month for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and $60 per month for students with Multiple Disabilities (MD). Subsidy and/or financial assistance will be made available to eligible students.


Will there be transport provided?


The RC Schools will work with bus vendors to offer transport for those residing within the respective catchment areas of the campus applicants are posted to, so that parents can liaise with the vendors to make arrangements and payment for transport to school.