Frequently Asked Questions

If my child enrols in your school, will he be able to attend primary school at a later stage?

It depends. If your child is assessed to have the cognitive ability and readiness for primary education, our psychologists will discuss this option with you. Besides primary schools, we have also referred our children to other special schools, which have programmes catered to suit their special needs.

What qualifications do your teachers have?

We have teachers with relevant degrees and postgraduate degrees in special needs.

Our teachers are required to undertake the 1-year full-time Diploma in Special Education Programme with the National Institute of Education and the Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Intervention with Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Does your school provide transport?

Yes. Our schools and Early Intervention Programme provide school bus transportation for students residing in their respective catchment areas.

Do you know of any childcare centres or kindergartens that are willing to accept my child?

Every childcare centre or kindergarten has its own set of criteria and considerations when enrolling a child with special needs. However, we do know of some places that our students have been to or are presently attending. Please contact our School's Social Workers for further information.

I am using CPF to pay for my elder daughter's tertiary education. Will I be able to do the same for my child with special needs?

Presently, our government has not extended this scheme to our students. If you have concerns with your financial situation, please contact our School's Social Workers.

How can I refer my child to your programme?

Please refer to our Referral page.

How long does it take my child to start school after the referral is made?

Depending on the programme and the availability of suitable vacancies, the waiting time can be about two weeks to nine months.

Is the baby bonus scheme applicable to your school?

Yes, we are one of the approved institutions for the scheme. Please visit for more information.

How do your schools ensure that there is integration with other mainstream children?

We have established collaborations with specific mainstream schools to enhance integration of our students with their students and vice versa.

I am a parent-volunteer at my daughter primary school and she had priority for enrolment into her school. Do your schools have similar arrangements?


Do I have to inform the Ministry of Education (MOE) about my child when he turns seven?

Our school updates MOE on a quarterly basis with the names of the students in our school as well as those on our waiting list. If your child is already studying in our school or on our waiting list, there is no need to inform MOE.

Can my child come to school for therapy only?

No. Therapy services provided to our students are carried out to support their main curriculum in class. Our therapists work very closely with the teachers as well as the parents. Our schools do not provide therapy without the child coming to class.

Can I pay the school fees using my child's Edusave account?

Yes. Please contact the school for information on procedures. Alternatively, you can call the Ministry of Education to check.

Can my child attend part-time studies in your school?

Our school hours are 8:15am to 12:30pm for the morning session and 1:00pm to 5:15pm for the afternoon session. There are some students who attend classes for shorter hours based on our service model.

If I make a donation to your school, will my child get priority for admission?

We welcome donations but it is not a criterion for admission into our programmes.

Are there subsidies if I have financial difficulties?

Yes. We have financial assistance schemes for both schools and transport fees. No child will be turned away from our programmes if the family cannot afford to pay the fees. For more information, please contact our Family Life Services Department and speak to one of our social workers. 

Can I buy insurance for my child?

Please contact the insurance companies directly as there may be certain policies that may well suit your child. However, all our students are covered by Group Accident Insurance.

If my wife and I are no longer able to care for our child, is there a home that will take him?

There are various homes for the disabled in Singapore. For more information, please visit for more information.

Does my son have to serve national service?

The Ministry of Defence has certain criteria and guidelines on exemptions from national service. Please visit for more information.

I think my daughter cannot manage when she is having her menstruation. Can she have a hysterectomy done?

This is a personal decision. It is extremely important that you discuss this with your daughter's doctor.

Can my child ever live a normal life?

This is a very natural question for all parents to ask. Early intervention for children with special needs makes all the difference. Therefore, we strongly urge you to enrol your child in a school or even in therapy as early as possible. Do discuss your concerns with our staff.