Professionals Programmes
The RCTC Professional Programmes aim to enhance the capabilities of interventionists, teachers, therapists, psychologists, social workers and other professionals who serve persons with disabilities.

The courses support professional development in these five competency clusters:
Domain Expertise
Evaluation & Goal Setting
Facilitating Learners with Disabilities
Self Management & Growth
Collaboration & Leadership

They range from those supporting beginners in basic knowledge and skills in working with persons with disabilities, to continuing professional education for those with experience, as well as personal and leadership development modules in areas such as mindfulness, personality profiling (MBIT), and design thinking. 

Programmes marked [WSQ] are accredited by Skillsfuture Singapore (SSG).


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Public Programmes
The RCTC Public Programmes are targeted at schools, businesses and organisations which desire to understand and work with students, colleagues, clients or others in the community with disabilities. The aim is to enskill these persons and organisations to better support persons with disabilities for a good quality of life in an inclusive society.


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Some of the public programmes are Caregivers Programmes for families and caregivers to enable them to better support the development of their children with special needs at home and in the community.


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Master Classes
Master Classes are collaborations between RCTC with international organisations or professionals, to present workshops in leading practices related to the teaching and support of persons with disabilities.


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Customised Programmes
RCTC is also pleased to collaborate with organisations to design and deliver customised training programmes and consultancy. In 2016, organisations that RCTC served included AWWA, National Gallery Singapore, and National Library Board. Contact us to discuss with us.

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