Frequently Asked Questions

What are the areas that I can volunteer at Rainbow Centre Singapore?

There are three areas where you can be involved in:

• Professional: You can offer your professional expertise and skills. We have ENT Surgeons, Ophthalmologists, Dentists and Hairstylists who volunteer their services to our schools;

• Administrative: You may be assigned to help with specific administrative tasks such as filing, manning the telephone line, collating data and other support tasks; and

• Classroom support: The majority of volunteers help our teachers in classrooms and outdoor activities.

I am interested to volunteer at Rainbow Centre Singapore, but I do not have experience working with children with special needs. Will that be a problem?

Our volunteers undergo a half-day orientation programme, where we share our experiences on how to be our volunteer. After your orientation, you will work closely with and under the class teacher – akin to on-the-job training. We are confident, you will pick up the ropes as you go along.

I am usually away when my kids have their school vacations; can I take such 'leave'?

You will be happy to know that our schools follow the national school terms and holidays. Therefore, volunteers are not required to be in school during the school holidays.

What is the level of commitment expected if I would like to help in the classrooms?

We expect you to volunteer at least once a week on a fixed day and time. The school sessions run from 8.00am to 12.30 pm for the morning session, and from 1.00pm to 5.15pm for the afternoon session. To minimise disruption to the school, we would ask our volunteers to commit for at least six months on a regular basis.

If I would like to volunteer my service, how do I go about signing up?

Please Click here to register online. Upon receiving your completed application form, we will contact you.

If I like to help only children with autism, can that be arranged?

Rainbow Centre Singapore has a structured programme for children with autism. Subject to requests from the teachers and the suitability of the volunteers, that can certainly be arranged.

As I work in a full-time job, I can only help during the weekends. Are there any opportunities to volunteer then?

The children from Rainbow Centre Singapore attend school from Mondays to Fridays.

However, there are volunteer opportunities on a project basis, such as during celebrations such as National Day, Children's Day or certain school outings.

Is there any transport allowance for me if I volunteer at your centre?

Unfortunately, we do not have a budget for such expenses.

Is there any insurance coverage for volunteers?

Yes, we provide group accident insurance coverage for all our volunteers for activities organised by our schools.

What are the criteria to be a volunteer at Rainbow Centre Singapore?

We want people with the right motivation and purpose to volunteer at our schools. Our new volunteers are screened to ensure they are of sound mind and good character. Our programmes cater to children with special needs, and therefore, it is important that we ensure the volunteers are assets to our organisation, and are able to enhance the quality of our programmes for the betterment of our children.